Should You Look for a Job with a Staffing Agency? Know How They Can Help!

Should You Look for a Job with a Staffing Agency? Know How They Can Help!

There are many kinds of job seekers. There are fresh college graduates ready to explore the life of an earning professional, and there are those who just want to shift careers. Some may want to start anew with a different company or are out to seek higher pay or better benefits. Whichever of these categories you fall into, you need someone in your corner to encourage you in this rigorous process of the job search. These people can come in the form of a staffing agency.

Are you working with a staffing agency already? If not, you must consider availing yourself of the support they can give you, especially since looking for a job may be stressful. Read on to know how a staffing agency works, and who knows? You could be reaping the benefits of working with a staffing agency soon.


How does a staffing agency work, and how can it work for me?

According to the American Staffing Association, an estimated 90 percent of US companies avail of the services of a staffing agency. With the effects of the pandemic still felt on the current job market, companies are still keen on tapping recruitment agencies to aid in building their workforce. You might be wondering, why do companies hire through staffing agencies instead of having their own human resources department do so? There is actually a myriad of reasons, including:

  • Lessened costs. Instead of hiring recruiters or spending on advertising job posts, getting the help of an agency to find new employees saves them a lot of money that can be used for other company expenses.
  • Access to talent networks. Recruitment firms likely have resumes of past and current applicants on file, and their next top employee can be in that file. Also, staffing agencies may have access to job hunt hubs through social media groups or job boards. Hence, it’s practical to tap into an agency’s help in looking for new talent.
  • “Try before you hire” with potential candidates. Even before the candidate turns into an employee, the recruiters may send reports of how the person is in their first few days of contact. It’s easy to be blinded by a candidate’s resume, but staffing agencies can easily put this down first and evaluate based on soft skills, such as active listening (their responsiveness during interviews) and work ethics (arriving on time or saying thank you).


This is what will happen once you have contacted a staffing agency to help you:

  • Your resume will be up for evaluation. Once you have handed in your resume, the staffing agency will review its contents to see where you stand in your professional journey. Are you a potential entry-level employee or someone with a background appropriate for a managerial job post? Placing you at the right level is needed in deciding the types of positions for you.
  • The agency will match you up with job openings. Recruiters within the staffing agency will keep in touch with their client companies to see if they have vacancies and ask for details of said vacancies. They will then take a look to see if there are openings that fit your resume.
  • You’ll be notified if there’s a match. The recruiter will set up an interview with you to introduce you to the job opening. You’ll be asked if the job interests you and if you have any concerns, particularly about the expected salary.
  • The company will now make an appointment with you. If you are amenable to the details of the opening, your resume will be forwarded to their client company. An interview will be set, and fingers crossed that you get the job. If you didn’t get it, your resume is to be kept on file in case the right client company needs someone like you.


Take note as well that there are various employment arrangements that can be offered to you:

  • Contract. This is for a specific period only, spanning from weeks to months. This is also known as a temporary job.
  • Contract to Hire. Also known as “temp to hire,” a short employment period may be offered to you to test the waters to see if you are a fit with the company. If everything works well, you will be hired full-time.
  • Direct Hire. In this case, you are considered to be employed by the client company in a full-time position. This is a win-win situation for everyone: you get the job, the client company’s workforce is replenished, and the staffing agency successfully leads you to a direct hire job.


Will availing of their service means I have to pay them?

Not at all! Their client companies pay them. Typically, a recruitment agency will charge their client 25 percent to 100 percent of the hired employee’s wages. Additional fees are also to be paid, for example, if the client company decides to employ a temp full-time.

It’s a favor for staffing agencies if you decide to avail of their services in placing you with the right company and job. Your resume is an additional option for them to recommend to their clients. It’s also their responsibility to ensure you are comfortable with the job they will recommend in terms of competitive pay and the tasks you have to complete once you’re on the job.


What are the advantages of working with a staffing agency?

There are many benefits of using a staffing agency to find a job. While job security and career fulfillment are something you and your recruitment partner will both work on together, bask in the knowledge that working with a staffing agency brings you:

  • Job openings that are not yet on job boards. Their client companies may be handing a new job opening to the staffing agency, and your name comes to mind. While job seekers are kept in line to apply, your recruitment partner is already interviewing you for the job post. It’s almost like the VIP treatment for job hunters like you.
  • Career flexibility and breadth. Staffing agencies may offer you temp jobs or contractual hiring opportunities that help give your resume more content. You’ll find yourself being open to more types of employment and may even learn new skills in the process.
  • More job arrangement options. Perhaps that full-time job can wait? How about trying out this temp job that pays well for the time being? Or this freelance job that doesn’t require you to clock in and out at specific times? Staffing agencies may help you become familiar with having more than one job at a time, which proves to be lucrative to others.
  • Updated knowledge of the industry. Staffing agencies may have had experience handling companies within your industry of interest. They know about the work environment in your potential jobs, so you can ask them what to expect once hired. Your assigned recruiter may even introduce you to other industries or jobs where your skills can be useful, too. A career change may interest you in the future.
  • Genuine support. Staffing agencies are people who understand the agony of joblessness. While it’s truly their job to get you employed, they’ve talked to individuals who may have been on the brink of giving up on their job search or are experiencing anxiety or panic over their situation. Treat staffing agencies are your support system in this period of job hunting.



Staffing agencies are already trusted allies in job searching, but if you want to move forward in your career even better, you need an agency with experience in operational excellence and a commitment to continuous improvement. Davis Companies is all that and more.

Guided by principles of integrity and commitment, we at Davis Companies can be your talent advisor in finding your place within this period of career reflection and exploration. We promise to set an example for you so that, of your own accord, you’ll also beat obstacles and become the best version of your professional self.

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Land your dream job effortlessly! Download our FREE Best Practices For Your Job Search Guide today!

Land your dream job effortlessly! Download our FREE Best Practices For Your Job Search Guide today!

Land your dream job effortlessly! Download our FREE Best Practices For Your Job Search Guide today!