Chaos in Silicon Valley: What Layoffs and Hiring Freezes Mean for You

Chaos in Silicon Valley: What Layoffs and Hiring Freezes Mean for You

Reports estimate that tech giants have laid off more than 88,000 people. Crunchbase reports that the layoffs started as early as January 2022. Tech layoff trackers like TrueUp and are now readily available for everyone. The short-term repercussions of these changes are already becoming evident, even though the long-term implications are difficult to estimate. […]

Exploring the Connection Between Purpose at Work and Employee Retention

Do your employees know their purpose at work?   As we approach the end of 2022, many experts and analysts are sadly pointing out that the “Great Resignation” is not yet over. A recent survey published by the World Economic Forum revealed that 20 percent of employees still plan to quit their jobs this year.   This […]

Reinventing Tech Job Requirements for IT Professionals

Is it now high time to redefine tech job requirements for key positions in the tech sector?   Consider the case of Claire.   Claire never finished college. However, her creative streak and tech-savviness enabled her to work part-time as a graphic designer. Impressed with her work, companies started to take notice, and Claire eventually landed a […]

Big Tech Recruitment Trends and the IT Job Market

How does Big Tech affect the IT job market?   Big Tech refers to the largest and most dominant companies that capitalize on technology to earn revenues. Their products and services are used worldwide, and the global economy has become heavily reliant on them.    We are all customers of Big Tech. Whether you are aware of […]

How To Get Top Tech Talent: Agency Vs. In-House IT Recruitment

Agency Vs. In-House IT Recruitment

Hiring in the tech sector has remained utterly robust now, more than ever. The latest data for August 2022 shows that tech companies collectively padded their personnel by 25,500 new employees last month. This number brings year-round hiring to date to 175,700 jobs, 46 percent higher than last year and almost double the number of […]