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Welcome To The Beers & Careers Podcast

The Beers & Careers Podcast is your channel for real conversations with successful professionals that have crossed our paths and the stories of how they got to where they are now. We hope their journeys inspire you to take more action, not be afraid to fail and move forward with your career!

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Meet the Host


Mark Agostinelli

A born leader and communicator who inspires trust and is the kind of guy you look forward to sharing a beer with.

After talking to thousands of hiring managers and technology leaders Mark learned successful careers don’t follow obvious career paths. Beers and Careers intends to document these career paths and the stories that accompany them.

When he’s not creating solutions to help his clients get the best talent, you’ll find him skiing Alta, searching for Kangaroos down under, on a golf course…but most likely with his wife, 2 sons, and dog in his backyard!

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Why did we start Beers & Careers?

I always thought of people who had great success as unattainable and that they must be perfect . As I’ve started to have some of my own success, and more visibility into companies across industries of all sizes. I’ve learned how messy the career path is, it’s about failing forward, and that careers aren’t linear. Also along the way, I’ve met some fascinating people I want to share with the world!

Currently podcasting is my favorite medium for learning and because of that I thought it only made sense to share my experiences this way. I’ve met, been mentored and learned from some very interesting people and I wanted to document these conversations and share their journey. My goal is that these stories inspire others to take a chance, not be afraid to fail, and try something new with their careers. So that was why “Beers & Careers” was created.

We’d love to hear your story and hear about how you got to where you are today!