Vanessa White, Co-Founder of Jaju Pierogi

Today’s guest is Vanessa White. Awesome story about her and her sister starting Jaju Pierogi, back in January 2016. In January 2020, they started with 100 stores and through hard work and hustle in March of 2023 they’re up to about 1500 stores and moving into different parts of the country. This is a phenomenal […]

Cristina Gutierrez, Technical Instructor

Check out our convo with Cristina Gutierrez. This former theater major uses her public speaking skills in her technical trainer role. She shares the story of how she got her current job-being relentless and some great advice about rejection. As a trained engineer she explains how she won over co-workers on a manufacturing floor as […]

Abbie Rosenberg, Founder/Executive Director


Abbie Rosenberg, PMHNP-BC, RN, Founder/Executive Director Check our Mark’s conversation with Abbie Rosenberg. Abbie is an Advanced Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner who had been in private practice for years. She saw the critical need for mental health literacy training in schools, organizations and communities, and started a non-profit, Mental Health Collaborative. She shares the leap of faith […]

Bill Laursen, President & CEO

bill-laursen-episode-41-beers and careers podcast

Bill Laursen, President and CEO. From a strawberry farm, to doing maintenance for a large fair, to running a manufacturing company,  Bill shares his journey.  What it was like to have to learn a new language for a job in Switzerland and how he learned patience from traveling. As a leader Bill enjoys taking a […]

Charles Manning, Business Owner

Business Owner, Firefighter, Community Leader Grab a beer and listen to this conversation between Mark and his dear friend Charles. Charles’ family hosted Mark when he traveled to Australia in 2009 and their relationship has grown ever since. Charles and his wife Janice run a boutique consulting firm, working with large organizations and helping to […]

Christian Apollon, Sr Manager, Business Excellence

Sr Manager, Business Excellence Enjoy this conversation with Christian, who is full of energy, passion and ambition. We get to dive into Christian’s story which is fascinating, including global consulting gigs and a train ride to Paris that he never expected to end the way it did. After his story we dive into some of […]