Hillary Crook, P.E. Teacher and Semi-Pro Football Player

Hilary Crook Beers and Careers

In this podcast episode, Hillary Crook, a physical education teacher and semi-pro women’s tackle football player talks about her non-linear career path and her love for her current profession. Hillary shares her experiences teaching and coaching track and field, as well as playing football for the Boston Renegades. They talk about her athletic achievements, her […]

Brian Barnes, President at Isto Biologics

Brian Barnes Beers and Careers

What’s the most important thing to help someone find their purpose? Brian Barnes, the president of Isto Biologics, shares his story and gives tips on interviewing, internships, and career paths. Barnes emphasizes the importance of using resources to improve oneself, having a mentor, and pursuing a well-rounded life. He also talks about the significance of […]

Cos Santullo, Semi-Retired Executive

Beers and Careers Cos Santullo

Today’s guest is Cosmo Santullo, affectionately known as Cos. He has an awesome story. The son of an immigrant butcher who worked his way into a very competitive world at IBM, rising to the rank of GM North America, IBM Personal Systems, and moving 10 times. It’s a great story and his stories will help […]

Dave O’Connor, Life and Executive Coach

Dave O'Connor, Life and Executive Coach

Dave’s got a great Beers and Careers journey for you. He started off thinking he wanted to be a clinical psychologist and then got into politics and then into business. And is now in the culmination of his career where he has launched his own company as a life and executive coach. It’s an excellent […]

Eric Green, Real Estate Investor

Eric Green

Our guest Eric Green, shares an awesome story about someone with a lot on the line. Kids and college bills looming, a family to support, who gets laid off after 30+ year plus run in corporate America.  He decides to do what he always wanted to do and takes inspiration from the book and his […]

Vanessa White, Co-Founder of Jaju Pierogi

Today’s guest is Vanessa White. Awesome story about her and her sister starting Jaju Pierogi, back in January 2016. In January 2020, they started with 100 stores and through hard work and hustle in March of 2023 they’re up to about 1500 stores and moving into different parts of the country. This is a phenomenal […]