How AI Is Playing a Key Role in Modern Recruiting

How AI Is Playing a Key Role in Modern Recruiting

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a technology that can carry out tasks typically handled by humans. For recruiting, this includes sourcing, pre-selection, answering questions, and scheduling interviews.

Implementing AI in the hiring process frees up time for recruiters to focus on building candidate relationships. This improves the candidate experience, the recruiter’s performance, and the company’s quality of hire. It also saves time and money, improving the bottom line.

Discover how the use of AI in recruiting can improve or take away from your hiring process.

Pros of AI in Recruiting:

Save Time

Automation is taking over time-consuming tasks. For instance, AI-driven chatbots can answer basic candidate questions, screen applicants, and schedule interviews. Also, AI-infused technology can be used to send job offers. This frees up time for recruiters to invest in higher-level activities.

Minimize Bias

AI reduces the biases that humans bring to the recruitment process. For instance, augmented writing technology helps create bias-free job postings. This increases diversity in job applicants. The more diverse the workforce is, the greater the company’s innovation, productivity, and retention rates.

AI-powered pre-selection software uses predictive analytics to determine an applicant’s odds of being successful in a position. This helps recruiters make more data-driven hiring decisions. The longer new hires remain with the organization, the lower the recruitment costs.

Discover Candidates

AI is a powerful tool for finding active and passive candidates. For instance, AI-powered software can analyze social media profiles, public data, and other online information to make predictions about an individual. This includes which positions a person may be interested in and how likely they might be to accept a job.

The software also can analyze the profiles of new hires within an organization, then use the information to uncover candidates with similar skills and personalities. It also can determine which candidates may be interested in specific positions, then target them with relevant job postings.

Enhance the Candidate Experience

AI helps candidates positively interact with a company. For instance, chatbots can guide candidates through the recruitment process. This elevates the candidate’s experience.

These applicants may share their experiences on Glassdoor and other employer review sites. The more positive reviews a company has, the more likely other candidates will apply to the organization’s job openings.

Cons of AI in Recruiting:

Misinterpreting Body Language

AI can be used to detect subtleties in candidate behavior, such as during a video interview. However, it cannot be determined whether the candidate’s body language is due to something neutral, such as nervousness, or something adverse, such as being fed answers from a third party. As a result, empathy, contextual understanding, and other human qualities cannot be replaced by AI.

Overlooking Red Flags

An AI-driven recruitment tool may use keywords to identify a candidate with the required experience for a position. However, the tool might not acknowledge the fact that the candidate changed jobs five times in one year. This may indicate the candidate either is a job hopper or had unique circumstances that caused a significant number of professional moves within a 12-month period.


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