Is Your Hiring Process Costing You Top Talent?

Is Your Hiring Process Costing You Top Talent?

Are you struggling to hire top talent? If so, know that you’re not alone.

There are many reasons why companies have difficulty hiring. Among the most common ones are problems with the job descriptions, lack of communication with candidates, and taking too long to make hiring decisions.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to resolve these issues. The DAVIS Companies can be part of the solution.

Ask yourself these three questions to uncover potential issues with your hiring process and how you can resolve them.

Do Your Job Descriptions Accurately Describe the Duties and Responsibilities?

Your job descriptions need to sell the role and company. If your descriptions are poorly written or outdated, they may not reflect the position’s day-to-day requirements. As a result, qualified candidates might not apply. The candidates who do apply may not have the required skills and experience. They also might drop out of your hiring process if they find out that the role isn’t what they thought.

To resolve this issue, make sure you talk with the appropriate employees and managers to get accurate details about the job responsibilities, duties, and requirements. Use this information to update your job descriptions. Be sure you differentiate between what is needed for the position and what is nice to have.

Are Your Candidates Not Updated During Your Hiring Process?

Your candidates need to know about your timeline for hiring and the next step in your process. Otherwise, your candidates may become discouraged or believe you are no longer interested in them. They may leave your hiring process and look for opportunities elsewhere.

To remedy this problem, ensure you keep all candidates in the loop about where they are in your hiring process. Include what the next step is and when they should hear from you by. This shows you value your candidates’ time and still are considering them for a role.

Have You Considered Working with a Local Staffing Agency?

If your hiring process is costing you top talent, you may benefit from partnering with a recruiter from a staffing agency that specializes in your industry. The recruiter has the network, tools, and time to find you the most qualified candidates.

The staffing agency handles the phone screenings, initial interviews, and background checks. The recruiter sends you qualified candidates to interview. When you decide which candidate to hire, the recruiter negotiates a job offer on their behalf. The recruiter also helps with onboarding and regularly checks in to ensure the new hire is a good fit.

Are You Struggling to Hire Top Talent?

If you’re struggling to find the top talent you need to run your business, get in touch with the DAVIS Companies. Learn more today!