Workplace Automation: How to Prepare Your Team for the Future 

Workplace Automation: How to Prepare Your Team for the Future 

There’s more to anticipate than to fear. With automation, people are being vocal about their anxieties and expectations. Yes, there may be things to worry about, but they can be addressed by keeping our human touch in control.

Let’s look at the potential impact of AI, both the good and the bad, and the steps you can take in preparing for workplace automation.


Future Work Amplified: The Main Disadvantages and Advantages of Artificial Intelligence 

The future is here. Articles and essays are being written by AI. Art is being created, again with AI. Cars and aircraft are now moving on auto-pilot. Are we free from repetitive tasks or are we about to be pushed out of our seats in the office? Here is what the future holds for companies and their employees.


More activities will be automated, not occupations themselves

A McKinsey research suggests that as much as 45 percent of activities people engage in can undergo automation. This equates to about $2 trillion of annual wages in the United States. The research also states that high-paying jobs can be automated as much as lower-paid ones.¹ This means that your teams can be more productive without getting bored with their repetitive tasks.

By automating certain decision-making in the C-suite, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can assist companies in making informed, fact-based decisions. This can help reduce risks and errors in business processes.


AI wasn’t designed to think and create outside of the box

One of the biggest disadvantages of AI may be the fact that it feeds on existing data and past experiences alone. Relying on it, especially as a creative person, may come as a disadvantage because it can take away what makes your piece unique and empathic.

To keep your creativity running as you use AI, make sure that you are not heavily relying on it. Use it as a guide or as a suggestive tool.


Data processing and pattern identification is improved for businesses

AI excels in identifying patterns and analyzing data. Through this, AI can help companies and organizations understand the behavior of their customers and any trend in the market that may arise. All the information that can be gathered by AI can be used to improve business outcomes, offerings, and services.


AI may cost a lot to train

Ask yourself which areas of your company should really be automated and if it would be worth the investment. It’s a challenge to design a machine that can mimic human intelligence to the fullest. It will require a lot of time, resources, and money.

Like any other software or device, AI would also need to be updated regularly to meet industry requirements. Purchasing upgrades may become expensive in the long run.


Harmonizing Human-Centered Approach and Digital Transformation 

Today’s intelligent computers have the ability to make sound decisions for us based on the information it processes. According to experts, by 2023, AI will add as high as $15.7 trillion to the global economy. However, AI cannot survive on its own and could never fully replace human intelligence.

Humans can quickly address unexpected changes that AI can’t. This is because authentic human intelligence can be further broadened by imagination, feelings, and judgment. All of these factors unique to humans can influence situations and even how AI should be programmed.²


A Culmination to the Future: AI-Training Your Organization 

61 percent of organizations are starting to gear themselves up with AI to help with decision-making, according to Axios. Other businesses, however, are hesitant to adapt because they don’t completely trust the said innovation. Meanwhile, the ones who decided not to use AI are already falling behind.³

To help your business be future-proof, you must encourage your employees to adapt to automation. See for yourself how it improves your team’s productivity and processes. Here is how you prepare.


Build positivity around AI

When you start talking to your employees about Artificial Intelligence, communicate with them factual examples of how their tasks can be improved. Be as specific as you can and remind them that they are important and won’t be replaced. Teach your team that they can be more successful and productive through automation.

For example, if you’re working in customer service, show how you can identify a customer’s taste and spending patterns with the help of AI. Highlight that you can cater to their needs more with new product offerings once their habits are identified.


Cultivate a growth mindset in your employees

Teach your employees to welcome new challenges, which includes AI training. Once they’re more familiar with the process, identify the individuals who learned fast. Ask for their help in helping their colleagues to adapt.

Bring up achievable opportunities as well. This may come in the form of better productivity or the chance to upskill and reskill. Explain how AI can help them advance in their career based on facts you’ve gathered.


Identify which tasks are in need of automation

When it comes to this, ask your team which tasks they think are very repetitive or have resulted in the most errors. These are the two areas that are best automated. Start small and see what your team says.

They have to be comfortable first in accessing AI before you decide to automate other areas of your business. Communicate clearly why you think automation would be best for certain tasks. Listen to any concerns they have and never be dismissive. See if you can meet them halfway.

While you are thinking about it as a team, here are some areas that you may consider automating for your business.

Sourcing and Screening Candidates: Speed up your hiring process. Automation can easily pick out the best candidates from your pool of applicants. This can save your recruitment team hours and they can instead use this time for more meaningful interviews. Recruitment chatbots can also let recruiters provide updates more consistently and on time.

Customer Support: It’s a hassle to reply to every customer when there is a known issue encountered by most of them. Automating your customer support lets bots take care of general inquiries.

All you have to do is set up automatic responses based on specific inquiries. This allows your customer service team to focus more on urgent concerns from upset customers.

E-commerce Reminders: A lot of online shoppers have their carts filled with items they wish they could buy soon. These items stay in their carts due to their uncertainty about acquiring them. You can sell more of your products by setting up an automation that will remind your customers of the things left in their cart.

Blogging and Social Media Writing: Deal with writer’s block by giving your writers AI assistance. AI can help them with research and coming up with ideas for specific topics. Your posts can also be uploaded automatically by certain scheduling tools.⁴


Explore technology with your team

The digital age is requiring everyone to keep up, but this shouldn’t be an issue if you want to have fun and play around with it. Start exploring and gain new skills, and your team will be even more fruitful. Step into your company’s broadening future.



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