Cliff Stevens, VP & Managing Director

With guest speaker Cliff Stevens, VP & Managing Director

Cliff Stevens, VP & Managing Director

Cliff Stevens, VP & Managing Director

Check out our conversation with Cliff from back in October ’22 about his journey up through his current opportunity at Liberty Mutual, running their in-house agency Copper Giants.  Since then, he’s taken on a new challenge joining Rapid7, global cybersecurity company HQed in Boston, as their new VP, Global Marketing Planning and Operations.   This high energy guy thought he’d go into the family textile business and after a Master Class he moved to marketing and advertising. Cliff shares his journey literally crossing country to grow his career and how he didn’t let being laid off stop him from proposing to his wife. He talks about living in 5 year increments and his feelings about “Be more interested then interesting”. He talks about why he gives back to those interested in the industry and finding time for self-reflection and creating balance.

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