Job Spotlight: Manufacturing is Thriving 

Job Spotlight: Manufacturing is Thriving 

There were an estimated 32,000 new jobs in manufacturing last October 2022, boosted by a rise in demand for durable goods. Observers of this boom in manufacturing employment are recalling the 1970s, the first time when factory workers were needed in spades.

The rise in numbers is a cause for celebration because manufacturing is thriving. This is an opportune time for professionals in the manufacturing industry, like you, to seek jobs or explore new directions for your career. With the rise of robotics and automation in the industry new job opportunities are also on the rise.

As a professional in this field, you should feel excited. Let’s feed into that excitement further through this celebratory post.


Time to Roll Up Your Sleeves: Manufacturing Job Seekers Wanted and Employed!  

Despite the challenges brought on by the pandemic, the manufacturing industry in the United States was able to bounce back and experience significant growth of 1.43 million jobs in August 2022. That’s 67,000 workers more than pre-pandemic levels.1

This shows how the manufacturing industry in the United States has thrived despite the pandemic, thanks to a shift towards domestic manufacturing and increased focus on tangible goods. US companies had to produce goods within the country due to disrupted global supply chains, leading to employees working from home and makeshift factories. When the pandemic subsided, companies responded to international demands and quickly built their workforces.

During the pandemic, customers also turned to purchasing tangible goods when travel and entertainment options were limited, increasing demand for products such as durable goods. In this time, manufacturing companies could handle projected workforce losses through strategic human resources practices, attracting younger workers, and upskilling current employees through automation and robotics.

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With manufacturing companies feeling the return of business opportunities, professionals like you should also feel like there are opportunities to consider. The global manufacturing industry also feels this positive change, meaning your expertise has a place anywhere in the world.


Manufacturing is thriving, and so are job opportunities.

The introduction of robotics and automation in the manufacturing industry has not only helped to create new job opportunities but has also led to the need for a refreshed outlook on manufacturing processes. The use of these technologies has called for a focus on efficiency in the use of machines, as well as the need for professionals with the technical skills to design, program, and maintain these systems. This has increased demand for skilled professionals, ranging from robotics technicians to CNC machinists.

For job seekers looking to break into the manufacturing industry, there are many high-demand jobs to choose from. These positions offer opportunities for personal and professional growth, as well as the chance to work with cutting-edge technology. With the industry experiencing continued growth, candidates can rest assured that there are ample opportunities available for those who are willing to learn and adapt.

So, if you are ready to challenge yourself and move out of your comfort zone, manufacturing jobs are out there waiting for you to explore.


Apply new knowledge in robotics and AI.

If you are a technician in the manufacturing industry, your prior skills and knowledge are useful, especially for companies that are utilizing robotics and AI. As a robotics or automation engineer, this is your time to shine. Those with backgrounds in app development or systems management may also find a new niche in creating programs that can efficiently guide computers and machines in doing manufacturing work.

Some factories and warehouses can now be managed through remote means and learning how to use monitoring systems can give you work-from-home opportunities in the robotics and AI sector. You won’t have to be in the office to control stock levels or see if operations are going as planned.

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The vision of engineers can benefit the demand for structures.

Whether it is designing a system that can best optimize production methods or finding appropriate ways to use resources efficiently, the work of industrial and manufacturing engineers is needed.

Engineers have the eye to visualize the best solutions especially with this new demand the manufacturing industry has in this post-pandemic era. They can use their prior knowledge of building machines and other structures to develop better or more advanced means to speed up the production line or create quality manufacturing outputs.

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Testing and quality assurance will forever be relevant.

A keen eye and a strict adherence to rules will keep new machines, processes, and productivity goals in line. Data analysts and quality assurance technicians will serve manufacturing companies well as they help the organization decide the suitable targets to meet and how to meet them.

With data and QA professionals setting metrics and giving reports on how these metrics are met, manufacturing companies can look after everything and stay afloat in the business for a long time.


Production managers will keep the entire workforce in check.

If you think your background as a professional in the manufacturing industry is enough to lead a team, go for a management position. With a new set of demands because of changes from the pandemic, you are encouraged to seek new visions on how your leadership will manage people and the resources they will use. Especially entering into a new era in the industry, companies need a firm hand and a keen mind. Believe in yourself and seek a manager position.


The manufacturing industry outlook 2023 has for professionals like you is full of possibilities. Productivity and growth opportunities are plenty, so don’t let go of this opportune time. We hope this manufacturing industry overview boosted your confidence as you see what else is in store for everyone in this industry.



With the new horizon of opportunities the manufacturing industry can bring you, you’ll definitely find your next fulfilling job. What’s even better is if you avail the help of a staffing agency that has led many professionals in this same industry to the right job placement. We at DAVIS Companies are excited to help you in finding your new beginning, in this ever-evolving manufacturing industry.

We share your passion for continuous improvement as we celebrate personal integrity and willingness to surpass expectations. Manufacturing is thriving, and so will your career through the DAVIS Way. Contact DAVIS Companies now.



1 Tankersly, Jim et al. “Factory Jobs Are Booming like It’s the 1970S.” The New York Time. Published last September 26, 2022. Accessed last February 22, 2023.

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