Even in a Fast-paced World, You Can’t Rush Customer Service

Even in a Fast-paced World, You Can’t Rush Customer Service

customer serviceWe live in a fast-paced world. Our food is “fast” or internet is “high speed”, our movies are “on demand”… but you’ve got to wonder – is quality ever sacrificed for moving too quickly? In my opinion, no matter how instant our world becomes, customer service is just one of those things you can’t rush.

A few short weeks ago I visited a make-up counter at a large department store, and fell victim to a mediocre customer service experience. I had a $300 gift card – I was so excited to sit in the cool make-up chair and have them test new products on me. I went in ready to buy.

I arrived at the counter and waited around for a few minutes until a woman yelled. “I’ll be with you in a minute!”. Not because she was helping somebody else, but because she was on her iPhone and stocking other items. When the saleswoman was ready for me, I told her, excitedly, that I was looking to buy new makeup. To my disappointment, she then pointed to each area where I could go and find the products (powder, mascara lip gloss, etc.) on my own. As I started walking over to the first case to seek out my own items I realized just how dissatisfied I was. What happened to sitting in the makeup chair and getting to sample the products? What happened to her making recommendations for me based on my skin type? What happened to her trying to sell me?

I left without buying anything and probably won’t ever go back. My visit had potential written all over it but the customer experience piece was totally lost because the saleswoman was busy and wanted to get back to stocking the store.

For all the salespeople out there, when those golden moments present themselves and give you an opportunity to turn a customer into a raving fan, be ready for it and take your time – I’m sure you’ll be glad you did!

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