Working Out at the Office Gym: Pros & Cons

Working Out at the Office Gym: Pros & Cons

“I don’t know if you heard me counting. I did over a thousand.”

It’s that time of the year when we are ready to kick our New Year’s resolutions into gear, or to the curb. Losing weight, a healthier lifestyle, no more binging on pizza – whatever healthy may look like for you, exercise is often a top priority. If you are lucky enough to have a gym at your office, I have so kindly compiled a list of pros and cons for your viewing pleasure.


  1. It’s good for you. It is 2014; I do not need to explain the benefits of exercise for your body and mind.
  2. It’s free! It’s free! It’s free! Did I mention it is free?
  3. Short commute. One flight of stairs is a lot more practical than driving to your local gym.
  4. Snack away. You don’t have to feel bad when you have your 2:30pm chocolate pick me up.
  5. Break up your day. A colleague of mine said she came back “rejuvenated” and “refreshed” after working out at lunch. Who doesn’t want to be re-born again with the energy and strength of an Ox? This sleepy baby does.
  6. Grab a workout buddy. A workout buddy is very close and easy to find. Also you can motivate each other!
  7. Drink away. You don’t have to feel bad when you have your 7pm wine pick me up. Just me?


  1. Awkward run-ins. The likelihood of knowing someone is very high. You probably don’t want to get into a polite conversation about the weather or talk shop while battling an asthma attack on the elliptical.
  2. Can I wear an invisibility cloak? I am a sweaty and formidable beast and I don’t want you to see me.  Please avert your eyes.
  3. I DO NOT WANT TO GET READY AGAIN. I am sorry but men 100% have an unfair advantage in the getting ready department. You don’t want to go back to work a frizzy and hot mess, and may not have enough time to really get ready.
  4. Inconvenience. Lugging your gym bag full of the essentials. This may just be a towel for you. Or it could be the whole inside of Target.
  5. Late nights. Many of us work late, so the last thing we want to do is stay for another hour to exercise.

However you frame it, having a gym available to you at the office is a gift. Whether you go after work or during your lunch break, it is something that should certainly be taken advantage of.  Make it a routine part of your work week and it certainly will be worth it! Hopefully, we won’t run into each other there… 🙂