Working Effectively with a Recruiter Part III: Signing the Offer Letter

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Working Effectively with a Recruiter Part III: Signing the Offer Letter

recruiterThe last step in our three-part series, Working Effectively with a Recruiter

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The final chapter in your job search can also be the most stressful… Salary negotiations, start dates and onboarding can turn the stomach of even the most seasoned job hunter.  While having a 3rd party involved may seem like another moving part, your recruiter can be your most powerful advocate through this final process.  Most recruiters pen anywhere from 2 to 10 offers per week depending on the industries they serve, giving them volumes more expertise than the average job seeker in negotiating the best combo of salary, benefits and start date possible. Their ability to advocate for you with your prospective employer in meeting or exceeding your wants and needs depends largely on their knowledge of your wants and needs.

Most staffing professionals will work very hard in the beginning of the process to determine how you prioritize things like work-life balance, compensation, opportunity for advancement and job stability.  They will also work equally hard to maximize their chance of filling that job which directly translates to more appealing offers for you the job seeker.  Unfortunately, none of this rings true unless there is a strong foundation of trust between the job seeker and recruiter.  If a job seeker does not trust the recruiter with their expectations and priorities, the recruiter is essentially flying blind.  Without this information the recruiter is powerless to help you reach your goals.

If trust between the job seeker and recruiter has not been established by closing time, the likelihood of a happy ending is next to nothing. Alternately, if you can have an early and extremely candid conversation about what your expectations are, you will find that your recruiter is your most valuable asset down the stretch.