Women in Leadership Conferences – A Great Way to Network

Women in Leadership Conferences – A Great Way to Network

women in leadership Last week I had a chance to enjoy a day at a Women’s Leadership Conference. With over 20 years in the workforce I’ve never been to a “Women’s” event and I wasn’t 100% sure what to expect. I’ve been to my fair share of other conferences, seminars, and symposiums, but I wasn’t sure what would make this different other than, obviously, it being all women.

We had an exhibit table and were able to connect with many of the attendees as they were getting their morning coffee and breakfast.  Chatting as people walked by and were waiting in line was easy. Everyone was energized about the day to come and excited to hear, learn and connect throughout the day.

The difference at a Women’s conference is that people were inspired and focused to really try to help each other. People went out of their way to support one another with ideas and thoughts of whom at their organization might be the right person to connect to. You don’t always see this at other conferences. Some people do it naturally and all the time, but it’s rare. However, it seemed to be the norm at this event.

The breakout sessions and speakers were also interesting and connected with the audience differently. The event’s focus was to learn, teach, inspire and lead. The speakers spoke eloquently and with humor about topics including diversity, philanthropy and millennials in leadership.

They also took time to connect with the audience after the sessions.  I spoke to several speakers who were willing to go out of their way to connect me to the right/best person to talk to that would fit my needs.

My takeaways, beyond the interesting content and connections, were that this event showcased the power of women helping other women and trying harder to be a resource for those we connect with. It was great meeting and connecting with other women from all walks of life.

Have you been to a Women’s Conference? Share your Thoughts with us.