Winter “Work From Home” Words of Advice

Winter “Work From Home” Words of Advice

snow dayAhh the winter: the magic of the holidays, white picturesque landscapes of softly falling snow and oh yeah, howling winds and icy snowstorms. When you were a child, snowstorms meant a day off from school, building snowmen and drinking hot cocoa. As a professional, it means weighing the decision of whether the roads are safe enough to drive or if you should work from home.

Working from home provides an effective solution for not missing work while balancing the safety of not battling the roads. While working from home can show your manager and department that you are committed to your job, there are certain things to keep in mind in order to be productive and effective.

1)      Have a Set Work Space: A work space already arranged just in case you need to work from home is critical. While you might not have all the amenities of your actual office or work space, basic supplies, work materials or notes will start your day off on a better note.  Staying organized will you help understand what tasks need to be completed that day, just as you would if you were working from the office.

2)      Emulate a typical work day: While it may be tempting to relax a while before starting your work or cook a stack of fluffy pancakes while you watch the snow fall, try to stay within your normal routine.  Wake up at the same time and go about your normal morning routine in order to start working at the same time you normally would be arriving at the office-helping to keep you on pace for the day.

3)      Remember to Take Breaks: While distractions can sometimes cause too many interruptions throughout the day, on the contrary, if you’re not at work, you may forget to take small breaks. Whether it’s a short walk around your house or a water break, you will need those breaks to stay energized and stay mentally refreshed-just as you would in the office.

4)      Avoid Distractions: Not that the office is completely void of distractions, but working from home brings many more distractions into the picture.  It’s certainly tricky to tackle a long list of emails while your adorable puppy plays in the room.  Pretend you’re at the office with deadlines. You’ll feel accomplished once you get through the work and can end the work day at a reasonable time.

Having the opportunity to work at home is a great way to avoid the dangers of ice and snow. Staying organized and on track with your regular work schedule will help you to have not only a safe day, but a productive one at that.

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