Why the Fall is My Favorite Time to Work

Why the Fall is My Favorite Time to Work

Why the Fall is My Favorite Time to WorkI woke up feeling chilly this morning, left early to beat the school buses on my route to work and even had time to stop for a coffee. I stood in line at Starbucks behind a fellow patron who ordered a venti pumpkin spice chai latte with soy milk. That’s when it hit me, “Yeah…fall is here.”

I love the fall! Here is why it is my favorite season to work:

It’s Crunch Time

Yes, apple picking season is here, but we are also approaching the end of the year. This is your opportunity to look at your goals and adjust your strategies and efforts to make sure you achieve them.

The Day Starts Early

Waking up early up early to beat the school rush get your kids ready means arriving earlier to work. Getting the day started early always makes you feel more accomplished. You will find yourself having more productive days, completing more tasks and going home happy at the end of the day.

Building Comradery 

Fall is one of the best times for work teams to get together. After the summer, everyone will be back and busier than ever, while generally spending more time in the office. Take advantage of Halloween costume parties, office fantasy football leagues, potlucks, chili cook-offs, and even pumpkin painting/carving competitions. Whatever you do, make it a focus to keep office morale high!

Break out the warm socks and sweaters and, in the words of Ben Keylor,Let’s Get Back to Work”.

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