Why Electronic Onboarding is a Win Win

Why Electronic Onboarding is a Win Win

electronic-onboardingWe’ve all been job seekers at some point in our careers, right? So, we can all agree that keeping the applicant experience front and center at all times is top priority! At DAVIS, our investment in an electronic onboarding system has allowed us to provide an ideal experience with responsive communications throughout the hiring process.

The DAVIS Companies began their search for the right electronic onboarding system years ago. We always knew we wanted to streamline our process AND we wanted to deliver an amazing employee experience. It was also important to us that whatever system we decided to go with could be integrated with our other systems, and most important was user friendly. I would be lying if I said the first electronic onboarding system we decided to go with was everything we had dreamed of and more, but we did learn a lot about what worked for us and what did not. We also learned a lot in regards to the varying levels of technical aptitude within our organization.

In August 2017, we made the jump to our current onboarding system and I am happy to report it has been magical. One of the largest benefits has included less of an administrative burden on various teams throughout our organization. The thought of new hire paperwork can send any HR team to a dark place; new hire paperwork includes manual review, filing and processing data. The time devoted from internal staff on paperwork means less time to spend on things that really matter, like recruiting, everyday HR related issues and quality time with our candidates and employees.  Our new system automatically parses in existing data from other systems, which means less time for our candidates to spend on inputting data. There is also no need to file, everything automatically gets saved, imagine that, no need to dig through filing cabinets and recite the alphabet! Electronic onboarding also means you get to save some trees and save on printing costs, there is no longer a need to review files for compliance, and the best part of all… more time to spend with candidates and enhance relationships.

Electronic onboarding gives candidates the luxury of completing forms while relaxing at home, and also gives them the opportunity to review handbooks and benefits information at their own pace.  This means candidates have time to review information and come to the table with important questions and concerns.

Finding the right system for your company is hard and can be trial and error, but when you finally find the right one, it’s as if the stars have aligned!

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