Why Company Field Day Goes a Long Way

Why Company Field Day Goes a Long Way



Getting to know your co-workers, really getting to know them, takes time but sharing experiences together can help speed up the process. At DAVIS we hold a quarterly meeting all staff Town Hall meeting and and we decided to do a field day after our most recent meeting. How would we come up with activities and events that would be interesting for all? We have interns and those with AARP cards, pregnant moms and those that were college athletes. A wide spectrum of interests but a shared passion to compete!

We created teams and the trash talking started! We balanced the teams by specifically separating day to day co-workers and pairing up those who don’t interact as much. We also balanced the teams by gender.

Everyone loves a cool shirt so we made some that said “Field Day, All Day” and gave out team specific bandanas. Amazing how 40 people can take the same shirt and bandana and put their own personal spin on it.

We started with the Human Knot. We had to untangle ourselves without letting go of joined hands-a great example of teamwork, trying different things, recognizing when they didn’t work but trying other options. This activity really brought the groups together-literally and physically.

We launched watermelons to see who could send them the farthest – and our competitive teams broke the launchers and worked together to fix them so they were still usable. We did a four-legged race and saw some interesting ideas on how to work together for speed.

We moved on to the obstacle course with 4 different activities-one included running while wearing clown shoes. Each team member had to complete the course and the cheering was as much fun as running the course.

Our final activity was the pie eating contest – who doesn’t love a whipped cream pie with gummy worms and pop rocks on top and no hands to eat it!

An amazing afternoon that forged new relationships, brought people together and gave us a fun outlet for our competitive nature. People have asked if we can keep these teams and add new people to them as time goes on and to keep the competition alive.

The day was a success! Does your company do anything like this? Share your stories with us!

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