When On a Job Interview, Impress Everyone Who You Interact With

When On a Job Interview, Impress Everyone Who You Interact With

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I vividly remember every successful (and unsuccessful) job interview I’ve ever been on. Some of the unsuccessful interviews were due to my own performance, and some were just not a good match between me and the company. However, in every successful interview, I’ve had great interactions with those besides my interviewers.

Going into an interview it’s important to remember that if you land the job you’ll be intermingling with more than your immediate team. Similar to when you’re on a sports team, in the office you need to be a good teammate and positive presence to be around. Making that known with your pre and post-interview interactions is the best way to leave a great first impression with everyone in the office.

Before your interview, it’s crucial to prepare and learn the history of the company. Research their employees on LinkedIn, keeping who you may run into in mind. Referencing something that current employees experienced or have knowledge on will act as an easy ice breaker. Once you get that knowledge down it’s time to get mentally prepared to bring your a-game.

As the interviewee, you’re the outsider. Make them remember you by bringing energy and enthusiasm into their office. Talk to people in the lobby when you come in, the hallway when you head into the office, and with the receptionist who welcomes you. Chances are you will spend some time waiting in the reception area, so strike up a conversation with the company’s gatekeeper. Let him or her know what position you’re interviewing for, what attracted you to their company, and break into some light personal conversation. I guarantee if you leave a strong impression on them they will let the hiring manager know.

Let us know how your next interview goes!

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