What to do When Your Boss Leaves or Gets Fired

What to do When Your Boss Leaves or Gets Fired

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Depending on your experience level, you may have had a handful of managers over the years. Some of them have been great teachers and made you into the employee you are today, and some of them may have done nothing but give you a constant headache. Whatever the case may be, they have molded you in some way. Whether you wanted too or not, at some point in your career you have turned to them for support and guidance.

There is no doubt that it can be a bit alarming to find out your boss has decided to leave or been fired. The most important thing to do is NOT panic. It is important to remember that whether you want it or not, everyone’s eyes will be on your team. People within your organization will want to make sure you are okay, especially if you had a close relationship with your manager. This is your time to shine, keep your cool, stay organized and on top of your work despite any chaos that may surround you.

You have to make sure to avoid the gossip… and there will be gossip. This could be good or bad gossip, but just be sure to be aware of your surroundings. Even if you aren’t engaging in the chatter you might be standing in the circle and people will associate you with anything said.

Losing a mentor is never easy, and it will most likely take some time for the dust to settle. It is important to stay positive and continue to work hard. How you handle stressful situations in life defines your character, and people within your organization will be sure to notice and remember your professionalism.

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