What is Total Talent Management (TTM)?

What is Total Talent Management (TTM)?

What is Total Talent Management (TTM)_

Organizations are increasingly utilizing flexible resources as a way of delivering their strategic objectives. An organization’s ability to scale its workforce and secure specialized talent when and where needed is critical in the ever-evolving skills market. But of course, this is easier said than done.

As the name suggests, total talent management provides organizations with a full solution to the acquisition of talent across all aspects of their workforce including permanent and contingent recruitment.

In the past, permanent and temporary solutions were bought, implemented, and operationalized separately, sometimes leading to inconsistencies and siloed thinking amongst other issues. Forward thinking companies are now moving away from the traditional metrics of managing temp and perm recruitment to more ‘output driven’ models, versus the fixed, pre-established ways of working.

Why opt for a total workforce solution? For one thing, organization’s will gain greater visibility and control of their entire workforce creating an optimum mix of contract, temporary, permanent and Statement of Work resources. They will see enhanced processes across the recruitment life cycle making it more efficient with an improved candidate experience, no matter how they are engaged.

Total workforce solutions have clear benefits through integration of all talent acquisition activity into technologies, relationships, and processes giving a holistic view on the performance of an organization’s workforce. Improved processes and cost efficiencies across all recruitment through the blending of operational models leveraging data to assist and enable future workforce planning and requirements.

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