What is Important to Today’s Workforce?

What is Important to Today’s Workforce?


What is Important to Today’s Workforce_ Blog

Attracting and retaining talent is more challenging than ever before. Companies are faced with a changing workforce and new philosophies surrounding work ethics that can be hard to adjust to.

So what is important to today’s workforce?

  • Flexibility: Flexibility goes beyond starting and leaving work a little earlier or later than the basic 9 to 5. Instead, it refers to a role and office mentality that meet the changing needs of each individual. In fact, according to a 2016 FlexJobs survey, 84% of parents who work said that flexibility is most important, and that factor ranked higher than salary.
  • Health & Well-Being Support: According to the 2018 Global Talent Trends survey, one in two employees would like to see companies support their well-being, which can include assistance with physical, psychological, and financial wellness.
  • Job Fulfillment: Many employees want to engage in work with purpose. They want to feel they are making a positive impact on society. Of younger workers, 33% will pursue a second job as a passion project, and 33% of workers in all age groups would be willing to take a 10% pay cut to work in a job they are passionate about.

Many industry experts say there are baseline employee benefits a company needs to offer in order to attract top talent. While your typical PTO, healthcare, and retirement benefits are important, potential job applicants also look at employee perks on top of their benefits package. Whether your company has summer Fridays, standing desks, or catered lunches, offering benefits and perks that today’s workforce values will ensure you maintain a well qualified talent pool for your hiring needs.

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