What I Learned Doing Contract Work

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What I Learned Doing Contract Work

What I Learned Doing Contract Work

Contract work – sounds scary, right? Not permanent. Maybe short term. What if they let me go tomorrow? What if I don’t like the job? All these thoughts went thru my head when I accepted my first contract job.  But I decided to go for it and I’m happy to say it worked out very well.

First was the process of applying on-line on the staffing firm’s website.  It was easy.  Upload my resume to their website and provide some basic information. It only took about a minute and I got an immediate notification that they received my info.  I had the choice of receiving notifications by either text message or email – I chose text.

Then I spoke to a recruiter.  The recruiter told me about 2 different roles that sounded like a match for my skills and experience and my resume was submitted. Only 1 company wanted to interview me, but it was a great interview and I was hired for a 3-month contract role.

After I accepted the position, I had to fill out all the “on-boarding” paperwork – tax info, direct deposit, insurance info and emergency contact information.  It was an easy process – all the forms came in one email and I didn’t have to put my address into 6 different forms – it carried over into each form. That was a plus.

And then I started the job.  I was nervous walking into a new environment, but my recruiter did a great job preparing me for what to expect. I knew about the employee parking area, cafeteria and even the receptionist’s name, so I felt more comfortable when I walked in.

My new manager gave me a tour of the office and introduced me to my co-workers.  I was starting to relax and feel comfortable with my decision to do this contract job. The job was similar to what the recruiter had told me about and I was confident in my abilities to do what they needed.

Getting paid was easy. I entered my time on-line, my manager approved it and I got paid each week. I had my choice of direct deposit or a global cash card. I chose direct deposit and I got an email notifying me when the amount went into my bank account.

Being in this new environment gave me the confidence to know that I could walk into a new situation and get comfortable with a new environment and new co-workers.  I was able to make some suggestions that my manager liked, and it made me feel good that I was able to contribute.

All in all, it was a good experience.  The job did end after 90 days but I got a good recommendation from the manager I worked for and the recruiter said if another position opened up, they’d bring me back.  So, I felt good about that.

Tell me about your experience doing contact work.