VOP 101: Is a Vendor-on-Premise Program Right for Your Staffing Needs? 

VOP 101: Is a Vendor-on-Premise Program Right for Your Staffing Needs? 

The demand for top talent is increasing. Attracting and hiring potential candidates requires more effort regardless of whether they‘re direct or contract hires. Once found and onboarded, managing them also causes a lot of hardships. As this challenge persists, many companies have already asked for aid from agencies that offer Total Talent Management (TTM).

TTM is a system that offers seamless integration of management and workforce solutions. An example of these, that serves to be useful for different organizations, is the Vendor-on-Premise (VOP) program.


What is Vendor-on-Premise? 

VOP is a staffing program that offers staffing services, which includes the hiring and management of employees, to create a successful contingent workforce. It provides access to a staffing partner, referred to as a consultant, who will be on-site and ready for business-specific needs.

The consultant’s role varies but it simply revolves around consulting, hiring, and managing. Consultants are available for consultation regarding hiring additional staff for the company. They are also in charge of recruiting and hiring staff and managing their payroll and benefits.

When participating in a VOP program, you receive an expert, hiring personnel, and a human resource manager, all in one package.


Benefits of the Program 

The economy is ever-changing. So many trends are happening that could possibly shift the way businesses are conducted. Companies are slowly adjusting to the aftereffects of the pandemic. There are numerous technological advancements that need to be invested in.¹

Considering all of this, is availing of a VOP program financially worth it? Is it practical to pay a company to meet your requirements regarding supplementary employees?

Below are the benefits of a Vendor-on-Premise Program. Read on and decide for yourself whether the service is for you.



As mentioned before, the organization you partner with is responsible for hiring and managing contract workers. This means that all burdens related to this will be taken off of your company’s shoulders.

In a VOP program, more staff will be brought into your company from your partner’s wide talent pool. You won’t even need to brief them since the vendor will do so.

Once independent employees are stationed in their roles, the consultant will check their progress and productivity, ensuring everything is up to your standards.

Contract hires in this setup are categorized as employees under the staffing firm and not under your business. This means the contractor will pay them, not you.

Benefits will also be handled by the contractor. You’re not expected to hold surveys just to figure out what your additional employees need. Instead, your chosen third-party company will be in charge of providing inclusive and timely benefits.

This is specifically useful if your business is conducted online. Since employees in this kind of setup are often from different parts of the globe, their payments need to comply with their respective laws and legal considerations. In a VOP, this is handled by the staffing company as well.

Considering all of these responsibilities being assigned to someone else, you can focus on the other tasks needed to run your business successfully.


Cost Efficient

Aside from time and effort, having a VOP program can also help cut back on costs for the different stages of employment. This is particularly helpful since the money from the budget not spent on this process can be allocated to other projects.


Recruiting and Interviewing

Since good staffing agencies have a wide pool of candidates who excel in their profession, you won’t have to advertise, saving your resources allocated for job postings. There will also be no need to open roles that are meant to recruit candidates.

When it comes to interviewing, hiring managers in your company can focus on direct hires. Employing more people to accommodate the hiring of contract professionals is no longer needed.


Training and Managing

The staffing agency is responsible for choosing your supplemental employees. This means they are also in charge of training these people before they start working in your company.

According to the Association for Talent Development, the cost of training an employee is 1,252 dollars on average.² Having a VOP setup saves you money that would have been allotted for upskilling and training.

Proper management from your assigned consultant also ensures stable productivity, which leads to better service and business outputs.


Accessible Expertise

As the name suggests, having a Vendor-on-Premise literally means you have an expert in your office during working hours.

This makes consultations easier for you since you can speak to an expert whenever you need to. You won’t have to schedule an online meeting or wait for the expert to contact you.

Communication becomes easier. Aside from this, you can include your VOP in important meetings. Keeping him in the loop can help them meet your needs better and faster.

For example, your company decided to create a team to work on a time-sensitive project. If your consultant is present during the meeting, he can contribute his expertise on how many people should be hired.

In the same context, having your consultant updated about what you need ensures smooth communication between you and your staffing agency.

Since consultants are also part of your physical office, they personally experience the culture and work environment in your company. Your agency can use this to find the right people not only for the roles you have but also for the company itself.


Flexible Workforce

If your business includes sporadic workloads or is seasonal in nature, availing yourself of a VOP program is definitely the right choice.

Since your company’s employee needs vary based on the time, season, or context, you need a staffing firm that can provide you with a flexible labor force.

Having contract employees gives you the ability to adjust the size of your personnel according to your current needs. You can easily scale up or scale down the number of people working in your company without spending any additional time or resources on training or termination.

What makes VOP ideal is that you can also control the working hours and responsibilities of contract hires depending on the needs of your business. As long as your consultant agrees that your demands meet legal considerations, you can have your staffing agency enforce them through contracts.


Assured Excellence

Your staffing agency will be responsible for streamlining the hiring process in your company. From finding candidates to onboarding hires, you can expect them to find you the best in the market.

A good staffing agency has a huge talent pool they can recruit from. They also have a network of people who can lead them to the right people for the position you opened.³

Once worthy candidates have been chosen, they will be trained by the staffing agency to ensure that their skills and knowledge are in line with what your company needs.

The presence of consultants in your office also ensures that contract hires continue to be productive and excellent in what they do at all times.



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