Using Twitter and Facebook to Get a Job

Using Twitter and Facebook to Get a Job

He's ahead of the game

Everyone talks about social media and how you can use it to research a company. You can learn about the company culture based on their Facebook presence. Twitter can help you understand how the company interacts in their marketplace and with their business prospects. Now it’s your turn. It’s time for you to use social media to engage with a company where you’d like to work.

It’s the day before your interview and you do your due diligence and check out the company’s website and learn about their products. You check out Facebook and see pictures of employees doing a community service project. Their LinkedIn page has info from the President and CEO about the company’s growth plans. You have a plan to integrate this information into your interview showing how tuned in you are to their environment. And the interview goes well. Now, what?

Now is the time to engage with the company using social media. Imagine tweeting “Just had a great interview @ABC Company. Very impressed with their team. Excited for next steps”. Using this non-traditional method to engage with the company will set you apart from the competition. You still need to send a traditional follow-up note, via email or snail mail. But a cutting edge company will appreciate your engaging with them using this medium.

On Facebook you can comment on an existing post or post to their page how impressed you were with their facility or how friendly the people were. The team managing their social media channels will share this interaction with the Human Resources Department and Hiring Manager-a great way to set yourself apart from the others in the hiring process.

As someone who has worked with a lot of candidates, doing something different and letting the company know how interested you are in their position, can change and raise someone’s ideas about you. Going that extra mile shows that you have the ideas and creativity and that will separate you from the crowd. Have you had success using Twitter and Facebook in your job hunt? Tell us your about it.

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