True or False – Nationwide Hiring is becoming a Necessity.

True or False – Nationwide Hiring is becoming a Necessity.

nationwide-staffing-davis-companiesThe phrase heard everywhere in the news and in the professional world is “Global Economy”. The need for companies to compete globally and succeed in their given market has depended upon them continuing to evolve as well as hiring and developing new talent. People make or break companies; they do not drive themselves. Considering this, staffing has evolved to hire the best fit candidates who often do not live near the client location. Our initiative since early 2017 in Davis National Staffing has been to provide this nationwide service by expanding the candidate pool across the country. So let’s dig a little deeper into the advantages and challenges associated with nationwide hiring which was once considered “thinking out of the box” but is now a necessity for most companies.

1. Speed – Teams cannot push the pace of their industry by spending initial months searching locally when the top candidate may live 1,000 miles away. Working in different time zones can initially be a concern for both candidates and companies. However, stressing the importance of flexibility in scheduling has been essential on both sides of the interview process. In this labor market, focusing on the right hire and not logistics has given the most forward-thinking clients a huge competitive advantage to win talent from their competitors.

2. Technology – Leveraging new communication tools and systems for increasing face time has been critical for our growth and our clients. Implementing regular usage of Skype and other tools to bring intimacy to the hiring process has bridged the gap in comfort level from hiring local to hiring better candidates nationwide. Even HR functions for onboarding such as notary verification for I9’s can be done remotely to speed up the hiring process.

3. Relationships – This is both our challenge and our competitive advantage in providing an effective national candidate pool. Trust in a partnership is as important as a staffing firm building entire teams for projects. How can we make as big of an impact as a sales person dropping off candy and business cards at your desk? How can our candidates compete without being on-site to shake hands? The answer has been in our effectiveness to engage clients in everything from their products to their hiring strategy, with a serious concern and care for each team’s individual needs. When we understand our client’s business and the impact of hiring for a project, we react and provide candidates who will quickly show why they are a cut above the rest in driving that productivity. Insight is paramount and has paid dividends for our clients and candidates alike. Building relationships over transactional staffing will win the day in a national hiring climate simply because we work with real people on both sides of the desk.

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