True Leadership Means Impacting Others

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True Leadership Means Impacting Others

 “Leadership is not about titles, positions, or flowcharts. It is about one life influencing another.” – John C. Maxwell

True Leadership Means Impacting Others

All too often, in and outside of my organization, I hear people hoping…wishing…wanting to do more. More often than not, they don’t act but rather wait for someone to give them the green light (usually in the form of a title change or a formal announcement).  Line employees are often reticent to challenge the status quo or push management because of company hierarchy.  In my opinion, the world in which we’ve grown up in has programmed us this way to a degree. However, in my experience, that’s not how things should work.

The most frustrating part is watching people wait to start making that impact. Waiting for the mythical green light creates resentment between management and employees. I find it better to act instead of wait, and embrace your mistakes.  As a wise man once told me, “Act first, ask questions later.”

True leadership in my experience is empowering others to do more, want more and be more with the end goal of them eventually passing that along to others as well.

Leadership isn’t a title. It’s an attitude and a way of life. If you want to make an impact in anything, be it business, family or your community, (in the immortal words of Nike) “Just Do It.”

Your impact is your self-worth, not your title or paycheck.

Conveniently, as I was writing this piece, a former rival school shared their commencement address this year which really resonated with me. It captures the essence of what I am saying here articulately!