The True Gift of Giving

The True Gift of Giving

giving“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”
― Winston Churchill

Recently I had the privilege, and I do consider it a privilege, to coordinate a charitable event for the DAVIS Impact team in Marlborough.  In the past few years DAVIS has supported a local soup kitchen called Our Father’s Table that serves approximately 40-50 hot meals three times a week to people in our community in need.  Our Father’s Table is supported by several churches in the Marlborough area.  Several of their patrons are regular attendees that rely on the soup kitchen to live healthier lives and a sense of community.

The soup kitchen is beginning a transition to a new home in downtown Marlborough at the New Hope Church.  As a representative of the DAVIS Impact team I volunteered to bring in a team of people to paint the new location in preparation for their move.

I admit that when I volunteered I was caught up in the emotion of helping to move this noble charity to a fresh new home.  As I began to plan for the event and returned with a colleague to measure the space I began to grow concerned about our ability to complete the job in a timely manner and to provide a good quality result.  I wanted to make sure that the new space had a fresh, clean look worthy of the people who will come to rely on this as their new home.  I certainly wanted to be proud of the result.  I was definitely focused on the perceived “value” of the gift or the end result.

What I did not anticipate, and in fact couldn’t have contemplated fully, was the joy and satisfaction that my colleagues and I would receive simply by engaging in the act of giving our time and talent.  The patrons of Our Father’s Table won’t know the difference that a fresh coat of paint made in the space.  They don’t need to know – that isn’t the point.  We all now know the satisfaction that comes from taking time out of already busy schedules to do something purely for the benefit of strangers.  We are the ones who received the gift.

This particular event involved a little more planning and coordination and the rewards were great.  I know that every day I have similar opportunities on a smaller scale to help others in need.  I am looking forward to the next opportunity to help – it’s become addictive for me.

Written by Jill Cosgrove Danksewicz, CFO.