Top 3 Reasons Why I Love Working in the Fall [And You Should Too]

Top 3 Reasons Why I Love Working in the Fall [And You Should Too]

woman in leavesThe air is crisp and cool.  The sun sets early and the leaves begin to fall.  Autumn is my favorite season in New England and here’s a few reasons why.

1.      The hustle and bustle is back on

Gone are the slow-paced lazy days of summer.  As much as I enjoy the laid back summertime, I equally enjoy the hustle and bustle of the fall.  Traffic returns to normal levels, kids are back in school, and everyone’s back to work.  After summer vacations, people are refreshed and ready to work again.  You finally have a full staff and things start getting done!  I love the energy that fall brings to the office.

2.      Office wardrobe change

Say goodbye to capri pants and shorts on Fridays.  Fall’s office attire is the best!  Warm fabrics like corduroy and velvet return, while the colors brighten up into jewel tones.  Gone are open-toe sandals, while boots make their first appearance.  Take a look around your office – I guarantee you’ll quickly notice the wardrobe upgrade that happens in fall.

3.       The weather is still awesome

Autumn’s weather is phenomenal!   September is still warm by day and cooler by night.  Late fall has brought snow to New England during the last few years, but early October is great for outdoor sports or activities with your co-workers.  You can still play a pickup game of softball, go hiking, or go for a nice run without the ice cold of winter and without the muggy heat of summer.

As you can see, fall clearly has its advantages.  It lacks the carefree spirit of the summer, but brings a certain energy back to the office.  People are eager to work and finish out the year strong, and September is the perfect springboard.  It’s no coincidence that “Labor Day” marks the traditional end of summer and the beginning of the hard work season!

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