My Top 8 Resume Pet Peeves as a Recruiter

My Top 8 Resume Pet Peeves as a Recruiter

resumeAs a recruiter, resumes are obviously vital in our search for candidate-job matches. A clear, concise, well-rounded resume can separate someone from the rest of the pack. That being said, there are still many resumes that I would rather not see all together. Below I have compiled a list of my Top 8 Resume Pet Peeves. Avoid these and it might give you the edge over someone else applying for the same job.

1. Long resumes

I Simply DO NOT HAVE TIME. There should not be paragraphs on your resume and recruiters absolutely do not want to read a novel. Please compile a comprehensive reader-friendly version, highlighting your strengths and experiences.

2. Objectives, nonsensical summaries, or irrelevant personal info

Make a correlation between your direct skill set and experiences and how they apply to the job. Personal information is distracting and your age and weight are none of my business.

3. Unqualified candidates applying for job

If you were getting a heart surgery how would you feel if Ke$ha showed up for the job? I hope a little scared. Her dollar sign unfortunately does not equate to a PhD.

Your drive and passion is appreciated, but if you don’t have the experience and the proper skill set you are wasting both of our time.

4. Weird fonts, keep it classic please

Do not use comic sans. Just don’t.

5. Pictures

This is something new I have recently come across. You do not want a creepy selfie to be my first impression of you. Let’s get to know each other prior to that. Also by no means should an adult have a GIF on a resume. NO.

6. Unexplained gaps in employment/no dates on resume 

Life is full of obstacles and your recruiter as well as future employer can understand if you have reasonable explanation. “I couldn’t find work for the last five years” is not a legitimate excuse anymore.

7.  Outdated contact info

This should be updated, with your most recent address, most recent phone number and, most importantly, with a current and professional email address.

I’m sorry but is fine for your personal email, but I would really prefer to email you at

Thank you in advance.

8. Resumes written in 1st person

It is creepy and makes you sound conceited. Please do not do it.

I hope these pet peeves give you something to avoid the next time you update your resume. Or at least I hope this post puts an end to Pictures on resumes. Recruiters, what are your resume pet peeves? Comment below to let us know!

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