Top 6 Reasons to Take Advantage of our Referral Bonus Program

Top 6 Reasons to Take Advantage of our Referral Bonus Program

referral bonusThe DAVIS Companies wants more great professionals like you! Every time you refer a job seeker candidate, who is not already in our database, who we are able to place, you will receive $250 referral bonus (or more) to say thank you. It’s that simple!

So simple, in fact, that we compiled a list of the Top 6 Reasons why you should take advantage of this program and refer a friend or peer to DAVIS. Read on below for more details!

6. Anyone Can Do It

If you’re old enough to earn a paycheck, you’re old enough to refer someone to your friends at DAVIS!

5. Unlimited Earning Potential

You can refer as many candidates to DAVIS as you have in your network. As long as they’re qualified, and we place them on assignment, you’ll get paid!

4. It’s Super Easy to Do

You simply have to share the name, contact information and skill set of your referral with anyone at DAVIS over any media you can think of. Our Website is easy to use or you can speak to any recruiter at your local office.

3. Who Doesn’t Like Free Money?

We offer $250 and $500 rewards for each successful referral paid to you in a convenient prepaid visa card.

2. It Feels Good to Help Others

It’s your opportunity to help mankind…all right, maybe not all mankind but certainly some friends or peers you think highly of.

1. You Have Up to 6 Months to Receive Your Bonus

We won’t always be able to help everyone immediately. However, once we have your referral’s information in our database linked to your info, you’re “on the clock”.  If we can place them within the next 6 months, all they have to do is successfully work a minimum number of hours on a contract (or days if placed in a full time role) and we’re mailing you your bonus!  It’s almost too simple!

So what are you waiting for?  Your friends and peers who are looking for a job or unhappy where they’re working now are counting on you.  So are we.  We’re ready to send you some real money. Pay it forward and refer a friend to DAVIS. Contact your recruiter for more information or call your local DAVIS branch office.

About the Author:

Dave Norris
Dave Norris

Dave Norris has over 20 years of professional relationship management experience with the last 15+ years focused in Recruiting/Staffing and Talent Acquisition. He is currently leading a 9 person team in the national expansion of both existing and new clients. Click on the thumbnail to connect with Dave!

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