Top 5 Reasons Why I Love Working in the Summer

Top 5 Reasons Why I Love Working in the Summer

summer workAs the close of the school year approaches and the temperature begins to rise, I quickly realize that working during the summer isn’t all that bad.  Now if I had the entire summer off like many teachers do, would I complain?  Absolutely not!  But I think it’s time we discuss the best things about working during the hot summer months… and no, I’m not kidding.

1.  Weekday traffic is a breeze

As I live a whopping four miles from my office, I don’t have the luxury of complaining about traffic, or ever being late for work.  With that being said though, I immediately notice that morning school traffic makes a huge difference in my commute.  So instead of it taking me fifteen minutes to drive to work, I’m down to about twelve minutes.  Hey, that’s three minutes of my life that I now have back!   And for all the folks out there that have a much longer commute, I’m sure the lack of traffic is a welcome break.

2.  Summer work attire is the best

What girl doesn’t love wearing her new sundress to work?  I know I do.  Not to mention open-toed shoes and capri pants!  Maintaining a professional appearance is, of course, paramount, but summer attire options are awesome.  Although I suppose men don’t get half the options that women do.  Sorry guys!

3.  After-work fun time

Here in New England, we get about five months of nice weather (May-September), and seven long months of cold, snow, rain, ice, wind, blizzards, nor’easters, etc. The list goes on and on.  For many of us, the winter is torture!  You can barely step outside without frostbite setting in, and this past winter was particularly horrendous.  But during the nice-weather months, you won’t see a day go by without people jogging, hiking, playing softball, tennis, and even water sports.  We really know how to take advantage of the few daylight hours we are blessed with after we leave the office.  This is a great time of year to bond with co-workers, family and friends by participating in fun after-work activities.

4.  People are generally happier

Have you noticed that people just seem generally happier during the warmer months?  I know that as I drag myself out of bed in the morning, it’s far easier when the sun is shining than when it’s cold and snowy.  Recruiters are excited about the positions they are filling, and candidates are enthused about the job offers they are receiving.  In fact, I tripped up the stairs this morning, spilled coffee on the floor, and in my hair, and had three co-workers around me when I fell.  Was I embarrassed?  OH YES.  But did I laugh it off and not really care that much because hey, at least it’s warm out?  Yup!

5.  No more driving in the snow!

When the weather forecast suggests snow the next day, panic at the office sets in.  Employees become infatuated with what will become of their tomorrow.  Will their drive to work be treacherous?  Will their kid’s school get cancelled, leaving them having to take a day off to stay home?  Will employees actually show up at the office or will the office be closed?  The drama that winter’s inclement weather creates on the workplace is nightmarish.  During the summer, this just doesn’t exist.  And that is a welcome feeling.

So there you have it – my top five reasons that I actually enjoy working during the summer.  What do you like or dislike about working during the nice weather?

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