Top 4 Reasons to Partner With A Staffing Firm During This Time

Top 4 Reasons to Partner With A Staffing Firm During This Time

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Chances are, COVID-19 has impacted your business in some way and dealing with these unexpected changes has probably been quite a transition. If you’ve found that you need to make changes to your current workforce, a staffing firm may be what you need. Here’s a few advantages of partnering with a staffing firm during this time:

  1. Flexibility:

    Career Builder says that “90 percent of businesses say staffing firms give them flexibility to keep fully staffed during busy times or when special projects are in the works and additional expertise is needed”. Not every job requires a full-time worker – and during these uncertain times temporary and contract work arrangements are a great way to take care of demand and give organizations flexibility.

  2. Reduce Risk:

    From tax liabilities to providing access to health insurance and following labor laws – when you partner with a staffing firm, the company assumes many of these liabilities for you.

  3. Streamline The Hiring Process:

    Recruitment and Staffing firms handle the most time-consuming aspects of the hiring process, including sourcing, the initial interview, skills testing and background and reference checks. This saves you time and let’s you focus on running your business.

  4. Access to Hard to Find Talent:

    Furthermore, the best staffing firms specialize in specific industries and positions. By partnering with a firm that has a specialty for your type of position, you are immediately upping your chances of getting the best of the best.

    A Career Builder Buyer Study reveals that “52% of hiring managers say one of their main obstacles in the recruiting process is gaining access to candidates with the right skills”. Staffing firms typically have access to this hard-to-find talent through the expansive networks they’ve developed over years of recruiting and developing personal connections.

As you navigate one of the most challenging business environments in decades, staffing firms have the resources and know-how to recruit and hire the right people for your team. It’s no secret that hiring is a time-consuming and expensive process but partnering with a staffing firm can definitely ease some of that burden.

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