4 Best Practices for Attending the Company Holiday Party

4 Best Practices for Attending the Company Holiday Party

DAVIS 2013 Holiday Party
DAVIS 2013 Holiday Party

December is officially upon us!  That means that holiday parties are abounding, and the alcohol will be flowing generously from the bar.   If you are lucky enough to work at a company that hosts a holiday party, then let me share my thoughts on how to behave at that party.  At DAVIS, our annual holiday party is an absolute blast, yet there are some times when folks go a little overboard at the party.  Here’s my top four pieces of advice to those who attend company holiday parties.

1.  Dress for success

Don’t show up in jeans!  It’s a holiday party, so dress to impress.  Buy a new dress or a new suit and don your best dancing shoes.  No one wants to look like a slob at the company holiday party!

2.  Don’t drink yourself into oblivion. 

Most people can enjoy the alcoholic beverages in moderation – just enough to loosen up, but not enough to end up face down on the dance floor.   Simple advice – don’t be that person!   Have a few drinks but keep yourself in control.  Remember – your boss is there and you will have to face her on Monday morning.  Don’t be the person that steals bottles of alcohol behind the bar, don’t be the person getting sick in the middle of the party, and don’t be the person who acts like a total weirdo because they are completely drunk.  Just. Don’t. Do. It.

3.  Mingle with folks that you don’t get to on most work days. 

There are tons of cool people that you work with, but really don’t get much time to interact with.  The company holiday party is a great place to get to know those that you don’t get much face time with.  Take a few minutes of your night and chat up someone you don’t know that well.  Maybe it’s the new guy in Finance or the new gal in Human Resources – but either way, take the time to get to know them.  They’ll be good allies in the future when you need their help!

4.  Don’t drive home drunk. 

Need I say more?

So that’s it!  Easy, right?   Dress like a hero, don’t get completely wasted, talk to some folks that you don’t know all that well and absolutely don’t drink and drive.   I guarantee that this will make your holiday party fun, but will also guarantee that you still have a job on Monday.