The Power of Helping Others

The Power of Helping Others

the power of helping others

With Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner, we all start thinking about what are we going to eat on Turkey Day and what are we going to buy for our family and friends for the holidays.  This is, of course, perfectly normal.  But when tragedy strikes, the holidays take on a whole new meaning. 

This morning I got a phone call from one of our branch offices indicating that the apartment of one of our employees burned down just yesterday.  This family, including a newborn infant, just lost everything they had including their home.  It’s starting to get very cold out and this family now has no belongings and nowhere to stay.  The news caught me off-guard and I needed to think and act quickly to get this employee the help and resources he and his family desperately needed.

I immediately emailed the DAVIS Impact Team – our community service group that volunteers their time and resources for the local communities.  We’ve served meals at soup kitchens, run miles for charities, and helped build homes for those in need, which are awesome things we do for our surrounding communities.  But this time was different.  One of our own employees needed our services and we needed to act quickly.

Members of the Impact Team sprang into action.  We had employees willing to bring in gently used clothing to donate to the family, as well as baby clothing for their infant.  We called the local Red Cross chapter to see if they could help in any way, and they have provided resources for the family to find temporary housing and financial help.  We called a local hotel to see if we could provide them a place to stay while the family got back on their feet.  We also bought some diapers for the family online and are having them shipped to the local DAVIS office so they can drop off directly to the family.

This tragedy completely changed the course of my day, but the impact I felt was nothing compared to what this family is going through.  My perspective on the holidays, having a place to lay my head at night, having food on my dinner table, and warm clothes is radically different than it was this morning.  It’s so easy to forget about the lives of others beyond your own four walls.  But knowing that we are helping this family out in any way that we can, feels tremendously awesome.  It’s so important to give back to your community, and helping one family out can be life-changing for them and you.  During this holiday season, make it a priority to help someone in need.  The joy it brings is immeasurable.