The New Interview Questions – What Did You Accomplish?

The New Interview Questions – What Did You Accomplish?

The New Interview Questions - What Did You Accomplish_

It’s not enough that there’s been a pandemic, millions of people got laid off, graduates are struggling to find jobs…and now you need to think about new interview questions. The interview questions that everyone will have to answer, especially recent grads is “What did you do during the pandemic of 2020? Or How did you handle the pandemic of 2020?”. The real answer is, “After freaking out and sleeping late and binge watching Tiger King and sharing TikTok videos, I’m not sure.” Hiring managers are going to want to know what you did during these times, so it’s time to think about it.

There’s not a perfect answer for this question, but it is an opportunity to think about what you could be accomplishing. It’s a time for self-reflection. Did you look into volunteer opportunities? Did you help a neighbor with gardening or shopping or watching the neighbor kids? Did you help a sibling or parent with extra chores? Did you study something, besides TikTok? What did this pandemic teach you about yourself? And your family?

The rulebook is continuing to change and the answer, the perfect answer, is different for all of us. Take time now for contemplation and start to frame your answer to this question. Talk about it with your family.

And now social justice is center stage, and that will be another part of your answer – did you do change your profile picture to a black screen? Did you educate yourself? Did you stand or walk in solidarity? Did you sign a petition or make a donation? Admitting that you needed to learn more is an appropriate, honest and self-aware response to this difficult question and these changing times.

Be prepared for these questions. They’re going to be coming and you still have the opportunity to recraft your answer from binge watching Tiger King to an accomplishment or personal lesson learned that a hiring manager would want to hear about.

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