The Importance of Teambuilding in the Workplace

The Importance of Teambuilding in the Workplace

The Importance of Teambuilding in the WorkplaceDo you work as a team, or Han-style (Solo)? Whether you are part of a team or you work individually there are always multiple parties working towards a common company goal. Teambuilding is a critical piece for company success and a great culture. Let’s take a look at 5 reasons why teambuilding is important.

It Improves Communication

Whether you choose an activity among peers or between employees and management, extracurricular activities open a different line of communication outside of the norm. This can improve or build relationships in the workplace, creating better communication and leading to a better quality of work.

Inspires Creative Thinking

Get a group of people together and introduce them to something new. Provide a situation that requires outside-the-box thinking. This will create the opportunity to for people to brainstorm together and it also cultivates creativity.

Promotes Problem Solving Skills

Teambuilding exercises can often require coworkers to solve a problem. Practicing solving problems will create a team of individuals who are able to find solutions where problems ascend or even think strategically to avoid problems.

Provides Motivation

In most teams there are one or more leaders. These activities may give an individual (who may not be a leader at work) the opportunity to take on leadership role and motivate them to want to be a leader.

It’s Fun!

I believe having fun is the glue that holds people together. Without an element of fun you won’t get as much engagement in teambuilding exercises. Without engagement you won’t improve communication and relationships. So have fun, otherwise you won’t develop creative, problem-solving, motivated super teams!

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