The Importance of Selling the Job When Recruiting

The Importance of Selling the Job When Recruiting

The Importance of Selling the Job When RecruitingIn this candidate-driven market, if you are not ready to sell your job, you will lose the talent! Candidates are often entertaining several opportunities and current employers are doing everything it takes to retain good people. So how can you make your company, team, and position stand out?

  1. Be excited!

If you do not show passion for your job when you meet a candidate, how are they supposed to believe it is a good opportunity? They will read your energy and enthusiasm, and then decide if you are someone they want to work with.

  1. Be flexible.

Assume every candidate has multiple options on the table. Don’t make your candidates jump through fire to get the job! If you can accommodate early mornings or late afternoon interviews, those often work best. Anything you can do to consolidate your interview process into 1 round will help a working candidate not need to miss work too many times and show them you are motivated to hire.

  1. Limit technical assessments when possible.

Finding someone capable of doing the job is of course top priority, but try to avoid lengthy tests. It often decreases candidate enthusiasm and slows your hiring process.

  1. Tell the same story.

Is your hiring team on the same page? Do they know how to sell the job? Do they even know how to interview?

Have a kick off meeting to relay priorities, areas of flexibility, and the hiring process so your internal team is prepared.

Interviewing is hard! If your team is new to interviewing or just could use a refresher, reach out to DAVIS! Our interview training seminars will help you know what to ask and how to ask it.

  1. Sell the job!

Why is this good job? Are you just trying to fill an empty seat, or will this hire take your team to new levels, be part of exciting initiatives, or be a key player on a project?

Without overselling or lying, you want to be able to describe the job and get a candidate to want your job. Give them all the ammo you have so they can make an informed decision.

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