The Importance of LinkedIn for Employer Branding

The Importance of LinkedIn for Employer Branding

The Importance of LinkedIn for Employer Branding

When people think of employer branding on social media, they first refer to a company’s pages, the content they share, and the tone in which they communicate with followers. While definitely the main communication device for brands, a company’s page is just the surface of its employer branding on LinkedIn.

Every single person who works for your company and has a presence on LinkedIn is an extension of your brand. From the updates that they share, to the look of their page, to the content they engage with, it all reflects either positively or negatively with your audience.

Have you ever taken a look at the “People Also Viewed” sidebar on your profile or a colleague’s?

Chances are that 90% or more are employees at your business. You want visitors of your employees’ profiles to walk away with a good impression of your brand, right?

It is for this reason that I sit down with every new hire within their first few days of employment at DAVIS.

In my hour-long Lunch n’ Learn, we cover all of the bases of social media while paying particular attention to LinkedIn. I take special care to convey the impact they can make on their career and personal brand, as well as how that ties back to company success. I prepare personalized notes for every section of each person’s profile, and we go through to build it out together. We make sure that every team member has the same branded cover photo, a professional headshot and a robust explanation of who they are and what they do here. We then delve into social networking best practices, and review the types of content that are most beneficial to them and the company to share or engage with.

I’m proud to say that in my 4.5 years here I’ve been able to train over 60 new hires for the betterment of their careers and our employer brand. Does your company have training for new hires on employer branding? Comment below or connect with us on social using the icons at the bottom of this page!

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