The Governance Model

The Governance Model

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No two organizations are exactly the same, and while consistency in business processes and operations is essential, it is true that successful companies do not remain static. The challenge for most companies lies in the need to drive change while retaining this consistency. As a key contributor to the talent makeup that drives many companies today, a contingent workforce (CW) strategy is subject to the same challenges associated with balancing change and consistency.

Regardless of how a contingent workforce program is initially planned and executed, there will almost certainly be a need for change and evolution of the program over time in order to drive continuous improvement and results. Whether expanding to new departments or geographies or scaling up or down to meet changing market conditions, an effective contingent workforce strategy must have a built-in structure for managing change, maintaining performance and facilitating growth. The foundation to manage change and growth is the governance model.

While most companies recognize the need for a governance component to their contingent workforce approach, the term remains misunderstood and the importance often underestimated.  More than just a bureaucratic concept, governance, when executed well, is an essential means of enabling change and managing performance. By providing a structure for decision-making, accountability and performance among participants and stakeholders, a governance program builds fundamental business agility into the contingent workforce strategy.

What is the difference between a governance effort that drives a truly innovative contingent workforce program and one that falls short? The key is a combination of detailed planning, careful execution, and buy-in and participation by stakeholders. With an understanding of the value proposition, the details of operation, and the continuous process that drives improvement, workforce strategy leaders can apply governance programs that deliver measurable strategic impact across the organization.