The DAVIS Perspective on How to Finish Your Year STRONG!

The DAVIS Perspective on How to Finish Your Year STRONG!

The DAVIS Perspective on How to Finish Your Year STRONG!At a time of chaos, stress and lack of motivation how do we stay on track? I asked the staff members of The DAVIS Companies this question, “how are you finishing your year strong?” These are the responses I received…
Jeremy, Technical Recruiter: “Focusing on the controllable events and dismissing what you can’t control. This is a tactic I use at the end of the year both professional and personally.”

Ben, Marketing Communications Representative: “Most people put off their goals for the New Year whereas there is no time like the present. Commit and stick to the goals regardless of the time of year.”

Shannon, Account Executive: “Prioritize year end business appropriately and utilize down time to your advantage to plan and organize for 2017.”

Mark, Sales Director: “You need to take time to reflect on your year, identify who helped you get there and ask yourself did you show them appreciation they deserve. This is also the time to plan and organize for 2017 to be your best year.”

Hilary, HR Manager: “Building lists is necessary for me to keep myself organized and to keep me on track to complete all short term goals. At this time I also begin the planning, budgeting and goal-setting process for 2017.”

At DAVIS we are planning to finish 2016 strong and enter 2017 stronger. Each person has their own way of making that happen as you can see. We hope that our staffing insight allows you to wrap up 2016 putting you in the best spot for 2017.

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