The DAVIS Food Drive

The DAVIS Food Drive

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One of our favorite community service events is our food drive – and this year was a big success! This February, DAVIS partnered up with our local food pantry, the Marlborough Community Cupboard, to hold a food drive to support individuals and families experiencing challenges and hardships in our surrounding community.

In the true spirit of competition, we divided up into teams and made it a contest for what team can bring in the most items to restock their shelves with! Our teams were tasked with bringing in everything – from pasta, beans, soup, and cereal to paper towels, shampoo, detergent, and baby diapers. This year, the winning team took the lead by bringing in a total of 1,898 items! Collectively, we were able to donate a total of 4,721 items which totaled 711 pounds of food to the Marlborough Community Cupboard.

At DAVIS, we try to stay involved and take part in local community programs. Giving back to the community is an increasingly important factor that many people expect not only from their employer, but from their local businesses as well. It is not only an opportunity to show your community you care, but that you want them to grow along with your business as well.

Taking part in great events like this not only brings together our office, but also allows us to contribute and act as a resource for our local community. Everyone can feel good that they helped make a difference, even if they weren’t on the winning team!

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