The Best Way to Measure Employee Engagement: Feedback Tours

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The Best Way to Measure Employee Engagement: Feedback Tours

Employee Engagement Feedback Tours

Companies and managers are constantly trying to improve employee engagement, but how do they measure the effectiveness of their activities?

Some measure individual or team performance metrics. Some conduct anonymous surveys. In my opinion, both of these methods are very impersonal and don’t get to the root of engagement on deeper level. Enter, Feedback Tours.

Feedback Tours are 1-on-1 conversations that leaders have with their employees on a regular basis. These conversations should be a judgment-free zone, where individuals are free to speak their mind regarding their work, mood, and future within the organization. Here are 5 reasons why Feedback Tours are great at measuring employee engagement.

Personal Touch

Despite our reliance on technology, everybody wants to know that their manager cares about them and recognizes their contributions. The best way to convey this is in person. Having 1-on-1’s not only helps to strengthen relationships in the workplace, they make employees feel more comfortable bringing up ideas or anything that is bothering them.

Real-Time Insights

Feedback Tours lend insights to managers in real time, whereas other methods of measuring employee engagement (surveys, etc.) require reactive analysis. Having these conversations allows manager to have their finger on the pulse of their teams.


You may have heard people complain about meetings and their negative effect on productivity. I contend that Feedback Tours actually make your teams more productive. When done properly, these meetings act as a factory reset for you and your team members, getting everyone on the same page and reengaged in their work.


Some employees are more comfortable bringing up new, more efficient ways to do things in a 1-on-1 setting. When you take the time to listen to what your team members have to say, you can get great takeaways and ideas to put into place. Doing so shows people that you are listening and makes them feel empowered that they can influence change.

Employee Retention

When you have a personal connection with your employees on an individual level, you are able to root out any issues as they arise without letting them get out of hand. In addition, employees are more likely to stay with a boss who they know and trust and Feedback Tours only sustain that relationship over time.

Do you conduct Feedback Tours with your team? How else do you measure employee engagement? Comment below or tweet us @TheDavisCos.