Thanksgiving on DAVIS 2020

Thanksgiving on DAVIS 2020

thanksgiving on DAVIS

This year more than ever we have a lot to be thankful for. At DAVIS, we like to get involved, take action, and make an impact in our local communities. It’s important to us to giveback and show our appreciation not only to our communities, but also to the hardworking people who go to work every day representing DAVIS.

One way that we show our appreciation to our candidates is through the annual Thanksgiving on DAVIS program! Every year, we ask our employees what they’re thankful for and the responses we receive are overwhelming. We pick 15 lucky winners nationwide to receive a Thanksgiving Dinner with all the trimmings; a 15 lb. turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, rolls, dessert – the works!

Every year the responses we receive are so genuine and heartfelt. These responses remind us what this season is all about; appreciating those around us and remembering how thankful and grateful we are to share the holidays with our friends and family. We’re lucky to be able to help provide these meals to the people who work so hard at our clients’ locations and represent DAVIS everyday. This holiday season, our thoughts turn gratefully to candidates who have made our success at DAVIS Companies possible. We couldn’t do this without you and we are more than grateful.

Happy to be around family? Lucky to have friends you can count on? Fortunate to have a good job? Tell us what are you thankful for!

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