The Thanksgiving Challenge: 5 Ways to Give Thanks

The Thanksgiving Challenge: 5 Ways to Give Thanks

ThanksgivingOn this rainy Monday morning, myself and two other colleagues made the trip to several client locations to drop off turkey dinners, show our appreciation and share some Thanksgiving spirit with two contract employees working for DAVIS. These two candidates shared with us what they are thankful for this Thanksgiving and their stories were uplifting, enlightening and inspirational. Their stories made me think of what I am grateful for, and how can I make a difference this Thanksgiving to those who are a part of my life and those in need. I have listed some suggestions and I challenge you to make a difference this Thanksgiving.

Surprises – I challenge you to surprise a family member, friend or colleague with a card, gift or hug. I mean who doesn’t love a good surprise?

Laugh – I challenge you to make someone who needs it laugh. We take this for granted, but like they say laughter is the best medicine.

Volunteer – Find a charitable organization or a church and lend an hour or two by volunteering. Whether it is serving food, cooking or cleaning, give back to your community this Thanksgiving. I promise you, you will not regret it!

Family – This Thanksgiving I challenge you to spend more time with your family than you did last year. Take your cousin Suzie to ice cream, or go for a walk with mom, dad, sister or brother. Family over everything, remember it!

Give thanks (literally) – Say thank you to the lady handing you your coffee, holding the door for you and bagging your groceries. Do it! Say it so much that you are exhausted from saying thank you.

Most of these challenges are free, and easy! So ask yourself “what, or who are you thankful for?” Show some love to those people. Give a hug, make ‘em laugh or write a letter, or card. You will not regret these acts of kindness.

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