Taking The Time To Say Thank You

Taking The Time To Say Thank You

taking-the time-to-say-thank-youI recently hit my six year mark here at The DAVIS Companies. In six years I’ve grown personally and professionally, I’ve worked with different teams, bought a car…bought a house; started a family. Through all of this I’ve been happy to have the privilege to share these events with my DAVIS family.

I’m sure you have come across articles about choosing the right boss when interviewing, company cultures and team cohesiveness. This isn’t one of those articles, this is a thank you.

Thank you for the relationships. In six years I’ve met fantastic people and built real relationships with everyone. DAVIS is truly a family, not just a family owned business.

Thank you for the opportunities, the opportunities to grow and learn. Not only is there exceptional trainings provided, there are opportunities to get certified. There are opportunities to grow in the organization and build a career path.

Thank you for the commitment and integrity you show every day; Commitment to everyone working here, commitment to clients and candidates alike.

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