3 Overlooked Benefits of a Snow Day for Professionals

Ah, the dreaded snow day, a Chief Operating Officer’s worst nightmare. Can you count on your employees to get their work done from home? What will be the impact on the business? While a snow day can certainly be detrimental to a company’s productivity and revenues, there are some silver linings.

5 Tips for Success When Working from Home

Advances in technology and mobile electronics have made working from home more and more common. Depending on your work situation some jobs can be performed within the walls of your home, but there are a few things you must keep in mind when working from home. It may be tempting to finish up the laundry, […]

Winter “Work From Home” Words of Advice

Ahh the winter: the magic of the holidays, white picturesque landscapes of softly falling snow and oh yeah, howling winds and icy snowstorms. When you were a child, snowstorms meant a day off from school, building snowmen and drinking hot cocoa. As a professional, it means weighing the decision of whether the roads are safe […]