How to Work Hard & Play Hard in the New Year

Research shows that working hard to pursue achievements while making time for leisure is important for career success. Making a strong effort to pursue professional and personal interests each day means allowing enough time to work and relax. This lets you bring in enough income to support the lifestyle you want. Begin Your Day Earlier […]

Start Your Morning with Some DAVIS Bloopers

DAVIS Blooper Reel

Everyone knows the Tuesday after Labor Day Weekend is one of the hardest days to come back to work. We’ve shot a lot of videos over the past few years, so I decided to compile some of our funniest bloopers into our first ever Blooper Reel. Start your day with some laughs! Don’t forget to […]

Work Hard, Play Hard: It’s a Lifestyle

Work Hard, Play Hard is a commonly-used phrase in our organization. People use it to describe their Work-Life balance, and how the work ethic applied to one’s job to allows them to enjoy their passions outside of the day-to-day grind. When looking at the Work Hard, Play Hard mentality, I found myself having a very […]