What Really is Company Culture & How Should You Cultivate It?

What Really is Company Culture and How Should You Cultivate It?

The term ‘Company Culture’ gets thrown around a lot; in interviews, company meetings, conversations with managers or peers, and for many job seekers. If you Google the term, many definitions or examples come up. But what really is company culture to employees and employers? And more importantly, how do you plant the right seed of […]

Top 5 Office Kitchen No-No’s!!

If you work in a corporate setting, chances are you’ve either encountered or been the perpetrator of one of these office kitchen no-no’s… 1.  Eating another employee’s lunch This is one you want to avoid all together, especially in a smaller office setting. Lunch is a special time during the work day, people look forward […]

Happiness is a Choice: How Do You Feel About Your Job?

Jobs can be stressful, life is full of challenges, family can cause you heartache, but how you handle that on a day to day basis is up to you. A very wise man told me early in my career that Happiness is a choice.  How you go about living your day-to-day life, whether at work […]