Top 10 Fastest-Growing Occupations in the US

Top 10 Fastest-Growing Occupations in the US

And the Top 10 Occupations with the Most Openings in the US Here is a list of the top 10 occupations projected to grow the fastest between 2014 and 2024 for those holding a bachelor’s degree. This data was provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Rank Occupation Employment 2014 Employment 2024 % Change 1 […]

Where is the United States Investing in Manufacturing?

where is the united states investing in manufacturing

  Staying ahead of spending trends and external economic forces on our industry is a necessity in staffing.  In many ways, the staffing industry acts as a proverbial canary in a coal mine for economic growth and decline.  Because of this, it is critical for companies such as DAVIS to remain informed pertaining to where […]

The Great 2016 Job Migration

A recent survey conducted by CareerBuilder found that more than one-fifth, or 21% of employees plan to leave their current employers over the course of 2016. Besides salary, the top reasons for employees to consider a job move according to the survey results were Job Stability, Benefits, Location, Good Boss, and Good Work Culture. One-fifth of […]

An Investment in Technology is an Investment in Yourself and Your Employees

In today’s competitive job market, employers and candidates are looking to stay at the forefront of technology. Whether you are a PHP developer, Mechanical Engineer, or Web Developer, working with the latest technology will keep you marketable to the top companies. If you are a company, you also need to pay attention and invest in […]